These days Požgaj Group’s first corporate catalogue was released. The catalogue is primarily designed for the presentation of the Group to partners of all types: customers, suppliers, banks, potential investors, government institutions and other stakeholders.

The catalogue is designed as a comprehensive presentation of the activities, production and products of our group on about 40 pages and is divided into three parts:
1) ABOUT POŽGAJ GROUP – introduction that talks about development and history of Požgaj Group and about Požgaj Group today
2) PRODUCTION – the part in which the six company members of the Požgaj Group are presented
3) PRODUCTS – the part in which the main products and services of the Požgaj Group are presented.

In order to contribute to the preservation of the environment and forests through our marketing activities, the catalogue is printed on 100% recycled paper. It is available in Croatian and English.

Visually, the catalogue is very simple, as befits a corporate document, and the connection that runs through the entire catalogue is the home green colour – the colour of the cube contained in the Požgaj Group logo.

Considering that the catalogue contains variable data, and according to the rapid changes in all major systems such as Požgaj Group, it is planned that the catalogue is updated and reissued at least every other year, to present partners the current picture of our group.