With various surface treatments, like putting protective coatings (lacquer and oil), we protect wood from influences from the environment (like moisture) and from wear and tear (because of walking on the parquet surface). Except extending his lifetime and preserving his beauty, putting protective coatings has great influence on wood appearance. With procedures like brushing and colouring we accent woods’ character by emphasizing his natural characteristics. That way we can adjust wood floor to the interior, whether its modern or traditional.



Smooth wood floor represent a traditional look of a floor, which captures its look from the character and grain of oak without added textures by an individual or machine. It’s surface is simply sanded and lacquered or oiled.


The wood structure is emphasized by brushing, which adds sensible texture to the surface. Brushing brings more character to the wood floor. Brushed floor surface needs to be protected with oil or lacquer.


Wood floor surface is lacquered with high quality UV-lacquer. Modern semi-gloss or matt tone elegantly emphasizes the wood’s natural colour. Lacquer gives strong protection to the floor and it is easy to mantain.



Wood floor surface is oiled with high quality oxidative oil, which is plant-based natural oil. It is perfect choice for those who tend to live in harmony with nature. Oiled floors are very easy to repair and renovate.



To bring more character and style into the space, oak wood floor can be stained. Palette of whitewashed, neutral, red, brown or even very dark (almost black) colours is available in both coatings – lacquer and oil.


Fuming is a chemical process which darkens the wood on a natural way. Each board will react differently to the fuming process, resulting with a natural range of dark, medium and lighter shades on the floor.


Surface of the wood floor is brushed, sawn and distressed at the same time. Natural characteristics of the wood are emphasized, enhancing its rustic charm through the rough appearance.


Natural knots and splits (cracks) are what make a wood floor so distinctive. They can be left open, enhancing the rustic charm of the boards, or can be filled and sanded if an smooth finish is preferred.