XXL planks



3-layer wood floor MORELLO RICCO is not impressive only by its size, but also by its performances! Completely made of oak, with total thickness of 20 mm it represents superior alternative to solid wood floor. The biggest contribution to the great stability of this floor comes from perfect balance and equal moisture content between all 3 cross-glued layers of oak.


3-layer parquet planks



Plank floor is a common name for parquet made in bigger sizes, just like the one which was present in the past in castles and wealthier county households. Plank floors were always expression of wealth and, even today, big size floors contribute to the luxury appearance. They look the best in the big open-concept spaces.


2-layer parquet 


Parquet installed in repeating geometric patterns is known many centuries. It is very popular last years and it became a synonym for top designer solutions.
Wood floor HERRINGBONE is our answer to this trend. It represents 2-layer parquet in innovative, modern sizes which are to be installed as herringbone pattern.




We have possibility to produce oak stairs and adjust their surface to parquet produced in our factory. Installation of wood floor and stairs in same material will make them look like one unity, which will also make the whole space visually larger and more attractive.