Požgaj Group is a modern and innovative international company which primarily produces multilayer parquet flooring, rustic flooring and massive boards for the funiture industry. Požgaj Group includes other companies: Požgaj d.o.o. (Ltd), Parketi Požgaj d.o.o. , Drvo Vrhovine d.o.o., Drvna Industrija Bohor d.o.o. which are mutually supplemental and in synergy create a whole array of products. It is important to mention that the top quality products have won Požgaj Group prestige and a name that is recognized and respected within and outside the borders of the European Union.

With the prestige and the recognized and respected name, Požgaj Group directs its business to customers and their demands.To meet their demands, Požgaj Group and all its parties constantly modernize their production system.. Thanks to investments and modernization, the entire production process matches the highest quality standards.

A clear orientation of the Group as well as competent and motivated employees are crucial to achieve all business goals. Alongside technologically modernized production, the key to Požgaj Group’s success are their professional and creative employees who are at all times ready to give their contribution to the welfare of the company and invest additional hard work and time to achieve the best possible results.

Požgaj Group currently employs over  700 people, and the number is continually growing.

2010 - 300 - EMPLOYEES
2011 - 280 - EMPLOYEES
2012 - 350 - EMPLOYEES
2013 - 480 - EMPLOYEES
2014 - 700 - EMPLOYEES

The vision of Požgaj Group is to use all the competences it currently possesses to become the leading producer of parquet flooring and massive boards for the furniture industry in the region. The mission is to maintain the existing long-term relationships and create new ones with clients and customers by offering them unique and innovative products and services suited to their individual needs.