Massive wooden boards

Požgaj Group is one of the largest producers of glued massive boards in Croatia.
The boards are made of high quality wood from forests which are goverened according to strict ecological, social and economic standards (forests accredited with an FSC certificate).

The production takes place in two plants: Požgaj d.o.o. in Veliki Bukovec and Drvo Vrhovine d.o.o. in Vrhovine.

Three different types of boards are produced in our plants: finger jointed, glued and three-layered boards.

The boards are made of different types of wood with different quality and dimensions:

Type of wood: oak, steamed beech, kern beech, maple, alder, birch, ash, European cherry, American walnut
Quality:  A/B, B/B, B/C, rustic
Standard width: 19, 20, 26, 27, 40, 45 mm

Class D3 glue is used for finger jointed and glued boards and class D4 glue for three-layered boards.

The entire monthly production capacity is 650-700 m³.

The board quality matches the European standards and customers’ demands.
Our company focuses on export so that 90% of our products goes to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, England, France, Slovenia, Hungary etc.

Massive wooden boards